Monthly Archives: September 2015

Just thought I’d do a follow up to my last post. It’s important to eat non-GMO foods. Next time you’re at the super market buy non-GMO eggs. A good brand is NatureFed. NatureFed is a farm out of Texas. Well they produce their eggs at several small farms that use natural farming methods that protect animals and the soil. Their hens are fed a vegetarian diet and they are free to roam around in the field. The hens are never treated with hormones or antibiotics or fed any pernicious animals by-products. According to health standards, the GMO in the chicken feed is kept to minimum of 0.9%.

I can definitely taste the difference between non-GMO and regular eggs. Non-GMO eggs may cost a little bit more but it’s worth it. Your breakfast will taste better while supporting ecologically sustainable farm businesses.